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6/22/2003 Can't believe its coming up on four years since Carolyn died. You may not realize it, but I've changed little since her passing on this website. I'd like to add a low carb section. I'd like to mess around with xml to make the recipe pages easier to edit. Several folks have passed on their mayonaise recipes and I'd like to try them and post them up. If I could just sit in front of the computer instead of working for a living, I'd be all set!! Charlotte

6/22/2001 I haven't wanted to change things very much, but it's about time to make some changes and add some new recipes. I'm thinking about adding a Google search component. Thanks to everyone for their comments and suggestions. Charlotte

11/26/2001 In order to support the web site, I am adding some advertisements. I think Hugs would understand. I'm messing with the page counter, trying to get that to work. Charlotte

7/21/1999 Sad news. Cancer claimed the life of Carolyn (Hugs) Rodick Shaw. Carolyn is the original author of this website. I resolve to keep it up in her memory. Charlotte

2/14/1998 Happy Valentines Day!! Added 16 recipes to the Baking Stuff, Cold Beverages, Info, Pickles and Spread sections. We now have 1590 recipes. Hugs.

2/11/1998 This page. The search page is now operational, although it runs slow. Better than not having one at all tho! Hugs.


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