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      Title: Recipe for Chronic Cough
      Yield: 1 Servings
  One pint each of lemon juice, olive oil and
  extracted honey. One fresh egg. Put the lemon
  juice into a fruit jar or large mouth bottle. Wash
  egg and drop it UNBROKEN into the lemon juice. In
  about 24 hours the shell of the egg will be
  dissolved. then remove the tough inside skin being
  careful to leave every particle of the shell in
  the lemon juice. Beat all together. Warm it enough
  to mix well, and bottle. Keep in a cool place.
  Dose: a teaspoonful frequently.
  DISCLAIMER: The home remedies in this section were
  used to "cure what ails ya." People did the best
  with what they had. However, the author or
  publisher makes no claims as to their
  effectiveness and suggest that in case of illness
  you seek the advice of your family physician.
  don't try this at home, Kids.

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