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      Title: Orange Liqueur
      Yield: 24 Ounces
      4 md Navel oranges
      1 md Lemon
      3 c  Vodka
  1 1/2 c  Superfine sugar
      8 dr Yellow food coloring; opt.
      1 dr Red food coloring; opt.
      1 ts Glycerine; opt.
  Rinse and dry the oranges and the lemon. Use the
  shredding side of a cheese grater to scrape only
  the orange part off the oranges; be careful not to
  scrape off the white, bitter part. Scrape the peel
  off half the lemon in the same manner. Put the
  orange and lemon zests in a glass jar; add the
  vodka. Seal tightly and let steep in a cool dark
  place for 3 days, shaking the jar once a day.
  Strain the vodka into a bowl, whisk in the sugar
  until it dissolves and is clear. Stir in the
  optional colorings and glycerine. Pour into a
  clean glass bottle, seal tightly, and allow to
  mature at least 1 week before using. Store at room

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