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      Title: Cooking Bacon
      Yield: 1 Servings
  Although there are several ways to cook bacon, the
  ideal bacon is crisp, light and brown in color,
  and delicately flavored.
  Lay bacon in cold frying pan. Place pan over a low
  fire. When heated to the melting point, the fat
  will begin to fry out. Then cook slowly, pouring
  off the excess fat from time to time. Turn
  frequently, increasing the heat. When bacon is
  crisp and brown, it is ready to serve.
  Some prefer to cook bacon by placing it in a
  skillet and covering it with boiling water,
  placing it on the fire and boiling it until the
  fat has cooked away, and finish it by browning the
  bacon in the fat.
  Lay strips of bacon in a shallow pan and place it
  in a hot oven, pouring off fat from time to time.
  When bacon has browned on both sides, serve
  The ideal method of cooking bacon is to lay slices
  of bacon on a wire rack, placing a drip pan
  underneath to save the fat. Use a hot fire, and as
  soon as one side of the bacon is slightly brown,
  turn it and brown the other side.

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